1982-85 Sussex University Bachelor of Arts majoring in History of Art
1985-86 Camberwell College of Art, London - Foundation diploma
1986-89 Central School of Art and Design, London - BA in Theatre Design
2007-9 St Martins College of Art, London - Master of Art in Illustration - Distinction
Theatre Design 1989-92
1989 nominated for the Linbury Prize of Theatre Design.
1989 Assistant to Alison Chitty at the National Theatre.
1990 Julius Caesar - Arts Threshold
1990 The Life of RQ (Soho theatre)
1991 Twelfth Night (South Devon Arts Project)
1992 Henri Oguike Dance Company (The Place)
Other design related work
1998-99 Emanuel Ungaro – designed and painted backdrops for two Paris fashion shows.
1999-2001 Artwork for advertisements –Motorola, Britannia Insurance, Nittol.
2011 Zetter Townhouse 18th Century Portrait- Designer Russell Sage
2011 and 2012 Princes Foundation– designed and painted murals, stenciled wallpapers and appliques.
2012 Faust – ENO Costume drawings for Katrina Lindsay (2012)
2014 Phillipa Hart Interiors 2014 Bespoke Hand painted cabinets, mural.
2016 Cloud murals and ceilings , Fitzroy Square and New End Hampstead
2020 Phillipa Hart- bespoke handpainted furniture
2022 Sarah Hammond Design- treillage style mural
Film and Television work 1992 - 2024
1994 BBC Design Awards dir. Susan Brand – set design
1996 Surviving Picasso - dir. James Ivory.(recreating Matisse ink portraits and collages.)
1997 Love is The Devil dir. John Maybury – art department - recreation of Francis Bacon paintings -studio. Painting dream sequences in the style of Bacon.
1999 Nottinghill (1999) dir. Roger Michell- reproduction of Chagall painting, key prop.
1999 Rogue Trader (1999) James Dearden – art dept. making contemporary art.
2000 Hotel Splendide- dir. Terence Gross - reproductions of paintings, designing wall textures, graphics, scenic painting, room size bird sculpture.
2000 Chocolat - dir. Lasse Hallstrom - painting the chocolate shop, reproducing key prop drawings, ancestral portrait of Alfred Molina.
2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Wizard portraits for the central staircase (included portraits of the film’s producers).
2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Dumbledore’s study- sleeping wizards.
2002 The Hours - dir. Stephen Daldry - Charleston paintings and furniture.
2002 The Gathering Storm - dir. Richard Loncraine -reproductions of Winston Churchill paintings.
2005 Asylum (2005) dir. David Mackenzie – created artwork for lead character. Portraits of Natasha Richardson.
2006 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – large masonic altarpiece
2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010) Luna Lovegood’s house, murals of mythical creatures.
2012 Gambit (dir. Michael Hoffman 2012) series of Monet haystack paintings. key props (2012)
2012 Parades End BBC/HBO 5 part series 2012. Drawings.
2013 Turner- BBC documentary - turner reproductions and animations
2013 Harry Potter theme park – murals and sculpture designs for the Mythical Animal Menagerie.
2015 Dr Strange- Marvel Comics- illustrations prop books.
2016 Activia advert- - Ridley Scott associates-visuals
2018 The Incredible Ivan - Disney- Drawings and paintings
2018 The Great- fake tapestry paintings
2019 Kingsman- dir. Matthew Vaughn - portraits of Charles Dance, Tom Hollander
2019 Emma- dir. Autumn de Wilde - Emma's paintings, portfolio (key props)
2019 Louis Wain- Benedict Cumberbatch- cat paintings
2020 Nell Gwyn- visuals
2021 Britannia- Jez Butterworth (now TV) - prosthetic designs, Pompeii murals
2021 In Pursuit of Love- BBC series - backdrop
2021 Life after Live- BBC series - 24 paintings set dec.
2021 Pennyworth- Warner Bros. television - signage
2021 A Very British Scandal- BBC films- portrait
2021 Pinocchio- Disney dir. Robert Zemeckis- wagon painting
2022 Pain Hustlers- dir. David Yates Netflix - key portrait
2022 Pistols- dir. Danny Boyle - Disney- punk artwork
2022 Deadpool 3- Marvel- abstract paintings
2022 Dr. Who- BBC television- portrait (key prop)
2022 Snow White- Disney (release date 2025)- set dec. painter
2023 Here- Miramax- dir. Robert Zemeckis 24 paintings set dec.
2023 The Ballad of Renegade Nell- signage
2023 Bridgerton- Netflix- portraits
2023 Sonic the Hedgehog 3- Paramount Pictures (release date Dec. 2024)- ski lodge backdrops
2023 Persuasion- paintings
2023 The Regime- HBO dir. Steven Frears- large scale landscape paintings, folklore paintings
2023 Burning Girls- Amazon Prime TV- woodcuts 17th century
2024 Mr. Loverman- BBC- prop painting